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micro-cleaning for your products

Panel surface cleaning

Cleaning after edge processing
Normally, panels are machined at the edges right after the converting process. It is recommendable to clean the surfaces before inspection and before stacking from above and from below.
Cleaning after sawing
During the laminate production, the edge processing will generate a large quantity of fine and very hard dust particles. When the panels are transported over longer distances, these particles will scratch the surfae.
Cleaning before stacking
Dirty suction cups, turning cones etc lead to surface errors and scratches. Sword Brushes will provide for clean surfaces and will avoid that particles are dragged on to subsequent processes.
Cleaning before lacquering
High-end furniture front panels are often laquered. In order to guarantee high quality surfaces without particle inclusions, it is imperative to clean the panels first.
Cleaning after sanding
Technically, it is very challenging to clean pre-lacquered, ground surfaces. The Sword Brush effectively cleans coarse particles and very fine dusts.
Cleaning of drill holes and grooves
Particles in drill holes and grooves will lead to all kinds of production interferences no matter whether they occur before camera inspection or before the stacking, lacquering etc. processes.