Oberflächen vollständig reinigen

Schwertbürsten entfernen bei Audi Ingolstadt Verunreinigungen nach dem KTL-Schleifen

Viele Jahre haben Emufedern bei Audi Ingolstadt die Karosserien vom Staub befreit. Bei einer der vier Lackierlinien hat der Automobilbauer die Emu-Walzen jetzt durch Schwertbürsten in Kombination mit einer Reinigungs- und Antistatikflüssigkeit ersetzt und gute Erfahrungen damit gemacht.

von Simone Fischer


Wandres investiert 9,5 Millionen Euro

Der Buchenbacher Maschinenbauer errichtet in Stegen ein neues
Produktionsgebäude / Geschäfte entwickeln sich prächtig.

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Successful implementation of Sword Brush systems

at the Daimler AG press shop in Bremen, Germany

High quality cleaning of blanks

Sword Brushes have a number of advantages in comparison to the traditional washing machine. All new possibilities and advantages may be seen at the press shop of Mercedes Benz in Bremen, Germany, where this technology has been implemented: effective, constant cleaning results, easy integration into existing production lines due to a narrow footprint, low investment and operating costs.

By Ms Simone Fischer


Glasstec 2014

Particle-free, clean surfaces

During the processing of glass panels, different cleaning steps are necessary to achieve the required cleanliness of the final product. For these types of application, Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning presents its new Sword Brushes in Düsseldorf.

Glastec Hall 15, Booth F33


Cleaning of IML films

Shiny surfaces for passenger car interiors

The Sword Brush technology permits an effective cleaning of IML films before back-injection.

To meet with exigent requests from the car industry, a manufacturer of high-end surface components invested in a new cleaning system. He now uses the Sword Brush technology that led to a reduction of overall rejections and an increase in production capacity.



200 Jahre Industriezeitalter -

Wohin geht die Reise der Stanztechnik?

11. und 12. November 2014 in Bochum mit einem Vortrag der Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning


Combi Sword Brushes for industrial panel production

The modular system of the Combi Sword Brush Una X provides for entirely clean panels no matter whether these are contaminated with coarse or fine dust particles or whether they have bore holes or surface structures. New air assisted pre-cleaning units complement the precise cleaning process with linear brushes.

Animation: Una X 121 with TKL 46 and FN 51


Effective removal of particles before converting

Surface cleaning within production lines

Combining ventilation based and Sword Brush cleaning elements provides for stable, reliable production conditions during the production of furniture components, chipboards and floor panels.

Surface cleaning within production lines

Particles from sawing, sanding, drilling or milling processes cause a loss in quality of high-end furniture boards, coated chipboards of floor panels. A new type of cleaning system that combines ventilation based and Sword Brush elements will help you.

News from the “Xylexpo” exhibition

Two new upstream systems from Wandres help to save energy.

The company Wandres GmbH is located in Buchenbach in Germany. During the “Xylexpo” exhibition, it presents its new cleaning unit. Wandres produces compact Sword Brush systems that are often used within the market to remove fine dust particles from panels before converting. Wandres has two new ventilation based modules that may be installed at the infeed of a Sword Brush and that may also be integrated easily into existing production lines.

Constant reduction in the number of particles

Daimler AG relies on Robot Sword Brushes

Debris and dust particles on car bodies often lead to time-consuming retouching works. The robot based Sword Brush cleaning technology helps Daimler to reduce the number of particles.

By Simone Fischer

Fachtagung SKZ

Das Kunststoff-Zentrum:

Reinigen und Aktivieren von Kunststoff-Oberflächen

2. April 2014, Festung Marienberg, Würzburg mit einem Beitrag der Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning

Perfectly clean surfaces

The final finishing process requires absolutely clean surfaces, especially if black high-gloss surfaces are involved that will be created during the lacquering process. This is also true for products that are decorated with hot-stamping or back-injection foils. Thus, the integration of Sword Brushes within the production flow becomes more and more important as they will provide for absolutely clean components before the decoration process.

By Simone Fischer

Brush filaments provide for constant results

Sword Brushes provide for particle free car bodies and cabins within Daimler plants

Debris and dust particles on car bodies may get embedded within the lacquering layer during the lacquering process. Oftentimes, surfaces then will have to undergo retouching works or - even worse - they will have be lacquered all over again. Daimler now wants to use the Sword Brush technology in all their plants to avoid this loop.