Surface Cleaning Technology

Industrial surface cleaning

Cleaning systems for troublefree production and subsequent processes

The effective and gentle removal of dust, fibres and minute particles from industrial surfaces is a must for a great number of subsequent processes such as converting, painting, laminating etc. Effective surface cleaning is therefore an essential step in the production of high-quality products.

The company Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning has specialised in the development and production of brush cleaning and compressed air driven cleaning machines for the cleaning of industrial surfaces.

Reinigung von planen Oberflächen

Cleaning flat surfaces such as panels, pre-cut parts and blanks by combining brush cleaning and compressed-air driven systems

Oberflächenreinigung von Endlosmaterial

Wandres uses innovative technology to clean delicate endless materials such as paper, foils or metal coils with sharp edges

Reinigung von 3-dimensionalen Oberflächen

Wandres robot-assisted cleaning systems clean 3-dimensional surfaces with beads and convex or concave contours