Oberflächenreinigung Platinen

micro-cleaning for your products

Surface cleaning of blanks

Cleaning after punching
Punching processes cause particles that will later lead to production interferences. Especially pressed screens that will later serve to conduct electrical currents are susceptible to these interferences (short circuits) and need to be free from particles.
Cleaning after laser cutting
Blanks for skin body components need to be cleaned from both sides after the laser cutting process. The Cleaner CF cleans blanks up to a width of 3200 mm.
Cleaning before bending
Especially metal parts generate furrows in the bending area on high-end optical surfaces. There will be subsequent errors if the particles adhere to the surfaces of the tools.
Cleaning after sanding
Sanding dust on product surfaces lead to all kinds of problems during subsequent processes such as the application of a protective foil. The Sword Brush uses the patented Ingromat® system to effectively remove particles and very fine dusts from the surfaces.
Cleaning after cutting
Cutting processes always generate particles. High-end blanks, e.g. for body skin components, should therefore always been cleaned.
Cleaning before moulding
Particles on blanks cause surface errors during the deep-drawing and the moulding processes. The Evomat Cleaner EVO cleans blank surfaces up to a transport speed of 180 m/min.