Data protection

Remarks regarding data protection

Wandres holds customer and business partner confidence in high esteem. It therefore respects data protection and informs you about data that have been acertained or stored and about your rights to get these information, to correct, block or delete them.

1. Data ascertainment and storage
If you visit a website, the browser will always send information on the type of browser and the browser version to the provider of the website. It will also send information on the systems software that has been used, the source URL, the IP address, the name of the file, the access status, the amount of data that has been transferred and on the date and the time of the server request. This information cannot be assigned neither to a person nor to any other data sources, it will be stored for a certain period of time and will then be deleted after it has been used for a statistical evaluation.

2. Cookies
Your browser also stores so-called cookies. These are files that shall enhance user-friendliness in the Internet. Your browser settings should give you the option to switch off the storage of cookies.

3. Information on data, correction, blocking and deletion of data
Personal data will only be ascertained with your consent. They will be used exclusively to answer your requests, to negotiate agreements with you or for technical administration purposes. They will be stored safely and will not be made accessible to third parties. They will only be disclosed after having received your consent and to process agreements. Your consent may be revoked at any time. Personal data will not be disclosed for any other reason or sold to potential buyers. You may request information on the data that were stored, the cause for the storage and the origin of the information obtained. Legal regulations lay down that you have the right to correct, block or delete personal data. If you wish to correct, block or delete personal data, please use the contact menu on the website.

Source and further information: just law Rechtsanwälte Göttingen, Germany